Creative Summer Book Club

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Welcome to the Creative Summer Book Club!


Creative Summer Book Club is a chance for kids to augment their love of reading and avoid summer learning loss by interacting with books in a fun and creative way.  At each book club, we’ll summarize the book, discuss themes, and share opinions.

We’ll work together on fun activities inspired by the books:

  • Create artwork
  • Put on skits
  • Play games

All the Creative Summer Book Club activities are designed to promote enthusiasm and develop the complex thinking skills necessary for reading comprehension in upper elementary school and middle school.

Together, parents and kids can decide which book clubs are the best fit. Sign up for as many as you’d like! By choosing club dates with books your child hasn’t read yet or wants to read again, you can use the clubs to create reading goals for the summer.  There are books clubs for popular series and outstanding novels. For these clubs, kids should come prepared, having already read the book.  These clubs are for enthusiasts: it’s OK if your child finishes the book the morning of the club or read it 2 years ago!  There are also read-aloud clubs and interest clubs (for example, poetry club) where no prior reading is necessary.

There is just one book club meeting per book. Each session is $15 for 2 hours of discussion, art, skits, and games inspired by the book.

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